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04 Oct 2019

2 Poker Strategies for advanced players


How To Succeed In Poker Without Trying


Listen up, gents. I have a few tips for the more advanced poker players. These tips are meant for those who have already mastered more than the basics.


1)Players committed to the pot


You should pay close attention to the other player's chip stack. Some players will be committed to the pot, while others will not. You should focus your attention on players who are committed to the pot.


In other words, the person has already committed more than their fair share of the chips to the pot. They are unlikely to back out now. They have the hand to be "all in." The player is going to commit themselves before the flop. Either way, the player is not kidding around.


You had better not try to bluff right now. There is no chance that you will chase them away. He or she is not going to fold. You will look like the idiot if you try to "one-up" them. Play everything close to the vest.


2)The raise


There is a right and wrong way to respond to a raise. Take a look at your hand first. D you have a strong hand, strong enough to challenge the person? Do you have a marginal hand? You should never "raise" on a marginal hand.


Conservative players have a better chance of calling the person "out." The aggressive hand does not always win the pot. Remember, the other person could have an equally strong hand as you. You have to be sure of what you are doing if you plan to call the person.


3)Showing the hand


Players need to avoid "showing" anything unless the situation calls for it. It is better to be a "grower, not a shower." Read on bandarqq for more details.


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